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"Be an athlete in the real marathon ..."

Powered By Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Gokshura, Moringa, Shilajit, Mucuna & Elaichi

Power Stimulator

100 horse power contains rich proteins that helps in gaining more strength and ability to be active in his or her work with no strain.

Increases Vitality

100 horse power contains high source of vitamins and minerals that are naturally extracted from ayurvedic ingridiance giving a great strength and activeness.

Increases Performance

100 horse power is a combination of 7 powerful ingredients that  increases muscle strength,with prolong performance and also boosts stamina for great performance.

100 Horse Power

Energy Booster

100 horse power produces an immense anti-inflammatory and energy to the body that stimulates the cells and nerves producing a high energy boosting power.

Immunity Gainer

100 horse power has the ability to increase the white blood corpuscles, the cells of the immune system that involves in protecting the body against both infectious disease and foreign invaders.

No Side effects

Ancient Indian medical system of ayurveda for 1000 years to treat things ranging from infertility to Parkinson’s with no effect on other parts of body.


Strengthen Your Nerves

100 HP contains exotic Ayurvedic herbs that directly helps in repairing nervous system.

Pure & Fresh

Powerful 100 X

100 HP acts as an anti oxidant and anti inflammatory agent helps in prolong performance.

Certified Corporation

Improve Your Life Quality

Strengthens your bond with your partner that improve your life quality.



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Recharge your Weaker Nerves

100 Horse Power